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Geoff Cooper

Drummer, Drum Teacher and Production

In this section are some favourite recordings that I have either played drums on or produced.
My thanks to everyone below for allowing me to use these tracks.

Matt Scales deserves a special mention. Matt and I first worked together when he was seventeen. I knew he had Cystic Fibrosis but was amazed not only at his voice but at his fantastic attitude too. Matt became the "voice" of the Cystic Fibrosis charity wordwide and his song "Breathe" a massive hit. Here is the original version of the tune that he and I worked on.A trust has been set up in his name to carry on the great work:Matt Scales Music Fund

Learned My Lesson written by guitarist Phil Selby is I think one of the best songs that I've had the pleasure to play on. Plus I got to produce the CD From A Bridge that this great song appeared on.

6-12-13 is a song I wrote with Simon Whitney for a project we called "Three Cornered Wheel".It gave us a chance to stretch out and explore our prog roots

Ummagummaa was a recreation of the early years of Pink Floyd. "Astronomy" was the first song in the live set and I never tired of playing it. The big build on floor toms and the tom fill that introduced the guitar theme got me into the zone every time.

Interstellar Overdrive was recorded with the second Ummagummaa album in mind but the album was never completed. I came up with this arrangement by taking the best parts from three different bootlegs of early Floyd. I like to think that Syd might have approved.

The Killer Penguins were a great band to be in. We always had fun and no show was complete without Radar Love. Dave Page on vocal.

Chicago One Zero fronted by Richard Barsby was an energetic chicago style blues band. Great fun to play in and I got to record the demo. As I'm a big Louis Jordan fan I'd thought I'd include this track

The Counterfeit Stones One of my best memories of being a Counterfeit was helping Simon Bates to get revenge on his Radio Bosses. Simon tricked them and the rest of the nation and gave The Counterfeit Stones half an hours prime air-time! Even got our faces in "The Sun" with Piers Morgan the following day!

Tony Brook I backed Tony a few times and really wanted to record his Alabama style. Great guy too!

Simon Whitney's 30 Years was the first CD I produced at Bridge Studio. Simon is a hugely talented Harp player/guitarist/vocalist and writer. Vocals on this, the title track of the CD, by the excellent Yve Mary B.

Kast Off Kinks are made up of former Kinks John "Nobby" Dalton, Mick Avery and John "The Baptist" Gosling. Dave Clark on vocal. I was very happy to be the engineer/producer of this re-recording of the Kinks classic.

Just Like Tom Thumb Blues is a Bob Dylan tune but I think this arrangement by Paul Tinkler takes it to another level.Paul is a great talent and I'm so glad I got the brief opportunity to record him

My Next Ex-Wife is a cover by John's Blues Crew featuring the Blues Harp playing of John Watcham

Voyeur It seemed like a good idea in the early 80's to be in band of that name however in this internet era it ensures that my email spam filter is never short of a job! This is a very early recording of one of my songs.

Angie was recorded as a demo for the Counterfeit Stones. I really liked the way I got Steve's vocals.